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Q & A?

I Have A Few Questions That I Would Love Answering, And I Know I Sound N0o815H Asking Them But Hey, We All Wondered Once Upon A Time Right?


1. (This Is An Exceptionally Noob Question) Where Does One Aquire A Jewel Chao? (Sorry ><)

2. How Have People Managed To Get Characters That Aren't Able To Enter The Chao Garden......In The Chao gardens.  I'm Going To Assume Its Not On The GC So Its On The Computer, But What Software, Emulators? I Would Love The Answer For This Question

3.........Is There A Three? I Can't Remember............Curses...Ok Never Mind

But Yeah. Btw Im New To This Comunity, I Love Chao, I Spend Too Much Time On The Game And Would Like To Expand The Possibility's Although Recently My Memory Card Corrupt >< So I had To Start again, Im About To Work On A Chaos Chao, Dunno What Yet Though. I'll Think I'll Make It Dark, But Everything else I haven't Decided...............So Yeah, I Look Forward To Hearing From Someone......If I Do........I Hope I Do.

(Terms And Conditions Apply. The Answer Has To Be Valid. Size of The Cookie Will Not Vary, The State Of The Cookie WILL Vary. You CANNOT Exchange Cookie For Money. The Cookie Is NOT Edible, It Is An Ornament. For Further Information Call: 07563 not allowed. Batterys Not Included)
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1) Sonic Advance 1 (and 2?). The Tiny Chao Garden has an alternating list of....8?....Jewel chao eggs that you can buy for a certain amount of rings.

2) Have no answer. I never had any problem getting any characters into any garden. Know what was hilariously fun, though? Raising a chao into the opposite kind as the garden it's in. And they NEVER complained about it!

I love Chao too! I WISH SEGA would bring them back ;-;.