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Awaiting the Chaos Chao

The Chao I was raising to become a Nuetral Chaos chao entered his third life this morning. I saved the game and turned it off after that. I came back a few hours later, turned it on, and began the animal search. I composed a checklist, and after about 20 mins, I had gotten all of them. After feeding them to my Chao, I re-aligned him to nuetral and waited. I occasionally would come back with a different character to align him back to nuetral incase he sliped over to the light or dark side. As of now, Sonic is standing in the pond at the Nuetral garden, with a general view of the garden, so I can glance back at it everyonce and a while. It shoulnd't be long, now. I'm going to go get something to drink while I wait for him to evolve.

PS. I can't seem to find the ATI TV wonder blah thing for my computer. Any more tips on how to find one?
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