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Super Sonic is complete!... Er.. was..complete.

Yesterday, I was forcing more green drives upon my already level 99 Running Super Sonic chao. I leave the Gamecube for a while, and come back to see my completed Super Sonic chao! My first thought was to try and get the TV attactment to take a screenshot, but my mistake of leaving the cube on overnight foiled my plans. I woke up to a brand new baby golden chao crawling around near a hatched golden egg. But, the good news is, the Chao I was raising to become my nuetral chaos chao also rebirthed, so that means hes in his 2nd out of 3rd life. After seeing that those 2 Chao has rebirthed, I scampered around the garden, looking for the final chao (Shiny Yellow hero/normal/power) in that garden, in hopes that he had maybe rebirthed, also. After about 5 minutes of looking, I stopped, and came to a final conlclusion. The chao had not gotten enough attention, and in the last minutes of his life, retreated into a gray cocoon, only to leave it behind empty. Oh well. Accidents happen.
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