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Hello ^^

Hey everyone. I'm a new member to the community. I started raising chao a little over a year ago, and my best chao was a nuetral in his second life. I forgot his name, all stats were above level 70. I deleted that Chao data, however, since I need room on my memory card. Just about a month ago, I stumbled upon my SA2:Battle disc, and I started to play. Currently, the chao I actively raised are: Shadow, a dark/run/run chao. He is black with spines and red stripes. NiGHTS, a nuetral/fly/?. He is a silver chao, and looks somewhat like a NiGHTs chao, just not completed yet. S.Sonic, My most recent chao is a nuetral/run/?. He is a gold, and is starting to look like super sonic ^^. I hope to finish him soon. Once I figure out how to, I'll get some pics up of them x_x.
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